I’ve bought back this site after a long break, piecing together old posts from information I could find in the internet archives. Not everything made it, some of the older information has broken links and some posts needed tweaking. Despite any issues, I’m happy to once again have a place to share and save some of the things I get up to.

Deleting Images within a range in Excel

I couldn’t find a way to delete images within a range of selected cells in Excel’s interface so put together the following code and set it to run with Ctrl+Shift+I.
Sub delimg()
Dim sh As Shape
With Excel.Application.ActiveSheet
For Each sh In .Shapes
On Error Resume Next
If Not Application.Intersect(sh.TopLeftCell, Selection) Is Nothing Then
End If
Next sh
End With
End Sub

Note: If you need to delete all images and objects you can use F5 select “Special” and click “Objects” and that will do the trick too.

Driving School Management System

A long, time ago I put together a Single Driving School management system with PHP and MySQL. It included a Lesson Booking System. Mobile Booking Systems for use with PDA’s or Mobile Phones and it also had SMS Alerts. The site is still going and you can check it out at!No longer my work!.

It was a long time ago and I had an interest in 3D design at the time, note all the images and video I made using Blender, they took a while and were fun to do. I thought they were AWSOME, however my opinion has changed with time, watching the video I made with blender and windows movie maker now is so painfull (check it out – Drivewell Booking System Video).!No longer available! I even started making a 3D game for the site. But as the plugin used for it has long been abandoned it doesn’t work so well on newer systems(if at all now).