Christmas Hampers System – A Joomla! Component

A while ago a client asked for a way to sell christmas hampers online and I was more then happy to accomodate the request.

I ended up creating a Christmas Hamper System for Joomla! that intergrates with Mastercard Internet Gateway System. !no longer available!

Orders can be placed any time of year and repayments deducted automaticaly from clients accounts throughout the year until christmas day when they receive the goods. Repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a once off outright payment. The system divides the total value of the purchase by the amount of repayment periods that are left in the year and deducts the correct amounts from the clients accounts on those days. If a payment is not able to be made due to insufficient funds it is automaticaly retried each day until it succeeds or is manually processed.

The client online purchasing was a streamlined one way process to suit the business process that was outlined for the original project and manual ordering and modifications can be done by staff in the administration section.

What I found was the way you program for Joomla! is well structured, I liked how it was setup to create an installer for the system and how easy it is to apply my custom component to a clients existing installation. If you follow the design pattern they have setout and don’t try to hack in some existing piece of software but rather create something for Joomla! that does what you need, the result is good.

It was a project I really enjoyed and a great way to learn about Joomla!.