Arduino controlled – spooky Halloween themed birthday cake stand

A friends birthday promise to make a memorable cake resulted in a fun filled couple of days building an Arduino controlled cake stand and baking a cake 🙂

I had been tinkering with Arduino it in the past and after the commitment  thought it would bring something special to the task at hand.


Arduino is an open source electronics board with a number inputs that can be used for reading various sensors among other things and a number of outputs that can be used to control or power other things.

Cake stand features:
  • circling shark in pond (motor with reduction)
  • proximity sensor controlled coffin that opened if someone reached over it. (Added a Jaycar proximity sensor to trigger the input of the Arduino).
  • flapping bats (servo moving thin wire and black paper for the bats)
  • twinkling stars (random pattern)
  • button controlled flying witch across the moon in an arc with a message behind(servo controlled with long thin wire arm)
Cake features:
  • Cake
  • coloured icing