How to work out a Hip or Valley length (Part 2)

Alright so in the last post we went through the reasons why the multiplying factor is not the same for a Hip or Valley as it is for the roof or for that matter a section of barge, this time you get what you were after, the actual formula.

To view the formula, or to save and edit this file go to: select “File” -> “Download as” -> and then select “Excel” or “Openoffice”. If you have any issues just let me know in the comments.

Deleting Images within a range in Excel

I couldn’t find a way to delete images within a range of selected cells in Excel’s interface so put together the following code and set it to run with Ctrl+Shift+I.
Sub delimg()
Dim sh As Shape
With Excel.Application.ActiveSheet
For Each sh In .Shapes
On Error Resume Next
If Not Application.Intersect(sh.TopLeftCell, Selection) Is Nothing Then
End If
Next sh
End With
End Sub

Note: If you need to delete all images and objects you can use F5 select “Special” and click “Objects” and that will do the trick too.