Capitan Morgans Canoe – The skeleton

~ Continued from “The First Cut”

So the templates for the skeleton have been cut out and its time to form the strongback to hold them. I had some kitchen laminate board lying around so I decided to box it up and attached the skeleton with droppers down to the strongback. The strongback is there as something to fix to, keep everything straight and be able to do measurements from. How I did it was fairly dodgy as it had about a 10mm bow in it if supported in the center only, but with taking this into account it worked. There are way better examples of how you should do it on the internet, most involve having the strongback inside the frame pieces. You would cutout holes in each piece and slide them over the strongback. Anyway, heres some pictures…
strongback with droppers

strongback with droppers heights correct

Continues with “Straking” ~